Africa’s Gift to the World

Access to Information: An enabling and fundamental human right

Africa’s Gift to the World

Pounding Pavements, Knocking on Doors – a campaign for access to information in Africa

 This is the story of the journey taken by African civil society actors and governments to guarantee access to information is recognised as a fundamental human right and commemorated as the International Day of Universal Access to Information on 28 September.

 It also contains stories of challenges and successes in seeing that right recognised.

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Read APAI Declaration here

African Platform on Access to Information
PDF, 220 KB

Plateforme africaine sur l’accès à l’information
PDF, 222 KB

المنهاج الأفرٌقً المعنً بالح صول ع لى ا لمعلومات

PDF, 540 KB

Plataforma Africana para Acesso à Informação
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